I'm Nicholas and I make things. Here you'll find a mix of little personal experiments and illustration work.

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Represented by Folio!

Hand painted record mailers, for sale exclusively from the Comms Bureau stand at Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival.

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House mates portrait! Myself top left.

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A paper clip

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A little painting I forgot about.

Some quick drawings of an Oliver Wilde practice last week.

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A GIF I made for Oliver Wilde’s new tour poster. Go see him if you can, his song are A+ beautiful.

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Probably not the most sensible way to animate something…

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Get on the bus!

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An image I made for Clift Issue 7! Available now, printed using just black and a poisonous green… All about 'self-similarity, recursions, strange loops, paradoxes, ouroboros, metafictions and fractals.'

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They came uninvited. They had extraordinary green shoes.

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Sad Banana.

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Limpy man takes a walk in the rain.

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Some drawings I made yesterday at the V&A.