I'm Nicholas and I make things. Here you'll find a mix of little personal experiments and illustration work.

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Very soon, my first exhibition in the U.K.
together with one of my favourite artists
Nicholas Stevenson. 
Opening 14. August at Atomica Gallery, London 


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Some city folk from Cookie Tin Banjo.

A few of my background concept drawings for The Cookie Tin Banjo animation which came out today.

Woohoo, I’ve been working on this animated video for Benjamin Scheuer with the Radish Pictures folks for a good while. I’m pleased to be able to share it with you all at last!

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I accidentally photocopied a bit of one my paintings instead of scanning it… Came out pretty eerie.

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Ghost does dishes. 2014

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Happy National Insect Week everyone! I hope it was a good one.

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Here’s an extra from the animation I’m working on with Radish Pictures for Benjamin Scheuer! The whole video should appear soon… it’s been really fun.

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Quick bicycle drawing.

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An illustration for an article about malfunctioning smoke alarms, appearing in the May issue of Cottage Life.

Hand painted record mailers, for sale exclusively from the Comms Bureau stand at Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival.

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House mates portrait! Myself top left.